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April 24 & 25, 2009
Washington, DC USA
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JSCONF Goes To Europe! August 28, 2009

JSConf, held in Washington, DC in April 2009, proved to be the homecoming of a JavaScript community that didn't know it existed. The conference got top marks all around for content, community and fun. The only way to make it even better is to take it to Europe! With, we let that spirit live on and give JavaScript a home in Europe. (why let the americans have all the fun? :)

Being held on November 7th and 8th, we'll be presenting top speakers in the field and a relaxing atmosphere in Berlin, Germany's pulsing capital. Join us for a two-day, community-focused indie conference with top technical content around your favorite language and great opportunities to meet like-minded people.

Speakers confirmed so far include:

We'll be announcing more great speakers in the coming weeks.

We are still looking for the greatest minds, the most interesting projects as well as insight into frameworks and tools all around the JavaScript language - client side, server side, dark side of the moon.

We're concerned about diversity in our industry and would like to encourage more women to do talks.

If you are interested in presenting at or if you want to recommend somebody please let us know!


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Nick Campbell - Axiom Stack: Server Side JavaScript September 23, 2009

Nick presents the adventures of Timmy through the (stick) world of web programming in order to illustrate the need, beauty, and reality of Server Side JavaScript programming using Axiom Stack. Nick presents the variety of issues that happen when writing templates, multi-language development, and database schema handling. The Axiom Stack provides you with the ability to leverage one language, the web language of JavaScript, to create powerful and wide reaching web applications.

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Mike Subelsky - Introduction to SproutCore August 6, 2009

Apple made a huge splash with their rich MobileMe release which provides a fluid and feature-rich interface through the web browser. Ignite Baltimore Superstar, Mike Subelsky, shows you the inner workings of SproutCore, the JavaScript library that is used to create MobileMe. Mike has used SproutCore as part of the company he co-founded, Mike presents this rich interaction environment with passion, depth, and deep nerd tech you have come to expect from JSConf presenters and he does it all with class and style.

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Stoyan Stefanov - High Performance Kick Ass Web Apps August 6, 2009

Got a slow web application? Dr. Stefanov is writing a prescription for you on how to put your application on a web diet using a wide array of techniques, tricks, and magic. Stoyan takes a deep dive into web technology and how to optimize it at levels that rarely get touched upon, even at tech conferences. His experience in pipelining, cacheing, image inlining, and smushing at Yahoo! Developer Network is shared with you to take advantage of every possible performance improvement ever known. He demonstrates how to use, minifiers, and other ninja techniques to make the web faster than ever before. This is a must see for any and every web developer.

Stoyan is not an actual doctor, he just plays one on

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Chris Anderson and Jan Lehnardt - CouchDB to the Edge August 3, 2009

Using CouchDB to create "edgy" web applications that are stored in the database. CouchApps allows you to store not only data in a database like CouchDB, but also full applications, which lends to some rather interesting use cases. Not only do applications then scale up and out, but their ability to revision control themselves comes for free. The CouchApps are pure JavaScript applications that sit on top of the power of CouchDB, and then allow the applications and data to become instantly portable and shareable through replication. This tag team presentation will give you some powerful insight into the concepts of CouchDB and CouchApps.

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James Duncan JSConf 2009 Video June 5, 2009

James Duncan provides a concise historical perspective of JavaScript and a powerful view of the future of the Web and how JavaScript will critical to that future. He unveils the amazing Joyent Smart Platform which provides a full stack JavaScript platform that leverages the power of Git for easing the deployment problem. The platform is utility billed, so you only pay for the time it is in use, and not idle. Also the platform is entirely open source. James provides an amazing overview of where the world is heading and you need to watch this now so you can be ready for tomorrow.

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Jack Moffitt JSConf 2009 Video July 9, 2009

Grown tired of the AJAX buzzword blues? Jack Moffitt takes us on a whirlwind tour of Strophe for building beautiful XMPP based applications in pure JavaScript using Bidirectional-streams Over Synchronous HTTP (BOSH) which will most likely be the next evolution of web technologies. The focus concept is the "Real Time Web" and how to actually accomplish low latency rich data applications that put AJAX to shame. With Strophe you can leverage all the goodness of XMPP at the client side. It is a very exciting technology and great deep tech talk from the one of the geniuses behind the brand new Collecta.

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John Resig JSConf 2009 Video June 30, 2009

John Resig presents his mystery topic, which is actually three topics that strike his interest. First up is measuring performance and a quick introduction to benchmarking (and its positives and negatives). This is followed by JavaScript Games which he unveils some super cool hidden functionality (cheat codes++) on the jQuery web site. This is followed up by the introduction of John's distributed continuous test framework platform, Test Swarm. It is jam packed with Nirvana and goodness so be sure to watch both parts.

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Brian LeRoux JSConf 2009 Video June 12, 2009

If you saw #jsconf on the Trending Topics, this presentation had a major hand in it. As Brian mentions, he re-did his slides after a late night empanada, so you can only imagine how crazy it gets -- and it exceeds your wildest expectations. Brian's topic is focused around using JavaScript on the mobile platforms, specifically the breakout PhoneGap framework to kick some major handheld ass using JavaScript. Without out further gabbing, you really need to click the play button and enjoy (and pass on to a friend).

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Peter Higgins JSConf 2009 Video June 5, 2009

Peter Higgins, presents "Patterns for Lovers of JavaScript" -- Dojo teaches fundamentally sounds techniques for high performance JavaScript applications across the board. In this session, you will learn how these techniques are used internally provide a stable, professional-grade foundation for creating highly maintainable, scalable projects of any size. Learn about the powerful and RPC APIs, and other internal favorites of Dojo Ninjas. From the smallest use cases covered by Base Dojo to fully featured Rich Applications, the Dojo Toolkit provides quality tools for every step of the way.

If you have never played with Dojo before, this is an excellent tutorial by one of the masters of JavaScript in general. This presentation was our final one for JSConf 2009 ad we felt that with all the great things going on in the JavaScript world right now it would be fitting to publish it next. Hope you enjoy the video and if you could share this along, it would help the entire development community at large. GO JAVASCRIPT!

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Francisco Tolmasky JSConf 2009 Video May 28, 2009

Francisco Tolmasky, co-founder of 280 North, presented on a wide range of topics relating to their awe-inspiring Objective-J and Cappuccino frameworks. During this presentation you will get a (no longer) sneak peek at the cib2nib functionality released as part of Cappuccino 0.7 (which is now available), a view into Objective-J Debugging, and an incredibly deep look into why they decided to create Objective-J, for any JavaScript developer, regardless of your thoughts on Objective-J, it is an absolutely great perspective on the "Good Grief" of JavaScript development, and how it can be driven forward based on great ideas.

Thank You for Attending JSConf 2009 May 26, 2009

Whether you were able to join us at JSConf 2009 or helped spread the excitement of the event, Laura and I would like to extend our deepest appreciation. The JavaScript community is absolutely amazing and we need to keep the excitement going. We will be unveiling the videos for free on this site as soon as we can get them out of post-production (OK maybe a couple days after, depending on schedules). We need your help to spread the JavaScript love to the entire world. We have seen the various drama in the rest of the development community and we know we can pull together something even better. Help us, help yourself, and help your friends to understand and eventually enjoy the language so many love to despise. We know there is a lot of things in the works for JSConf so please keep posted. We have posted the teaser trailer above to whet your appetite or remind you of some of the great events at JSConf 2009. If you want to see the full HD trailer, we have posted it to Vimeo. Help us out by tweeting, facebooking, "bliggity blogging" and doing whatever it is that you kids do these days the videos of JSConf 2009!